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Pat’s Offroad provides the prominent frac fluid heating services in the oil and gas industry with locations in North Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado areas. Our custom engineered frac water heating units, intensive training program, and constantly evolving safety training ensure we deliver a first class product to our customers. We develop tailored solutions for your frac fluid heating needs.

At Pat’s Offroad, we don’t just bring the heat! We “bring it” with integrity and reliability.



With safety as our top priority, our employees have extensive safety training to meet industry standards and to provide preventive measures for workplace hazards. We are committed to our staff’s wellbeing and have assigned personnel, programs, and equipment to help our team operate as safely and efficiently as possible.  We also continue to build stronger relationships with our employees and offer career advancement opportunities.

Our Team:
• Are responsible leaders: committed to safety, organization, and communication.
• Are responsible operators: committed to safety and delivering a high level of consistent quality and uniform methods.
• Conduct business ethically and in compliance with laws and regulations.
• Delivers a high standard of customer service.
• Has an instinct for continual improvement.
• Will “PULL IT ONE MORE MILE” for our customers.


Our company offers the most cutting-edge solutions to meet our customers’ most complex tasks. Continual research and development have allowed us to improve the efficiency of our heater units to be at the forefront of the industry.  As a result, Pat’s Offroad has been able to expand the capability of our heater units from a 14 million BTU output, during our inception, to the current output of up to 45 million BTU.

• Constantly analyzing, innovating and improving the technology.
• Equipment updated or replaced annually to improve safety and performance.
• Most compact frac water heating units with the largest output in the industry.
• Simultaneous Multi-fuel capabilities (Natural Gas, Waste Gas, Clean Oil).


Our patented Heater Units are manufactured with the purpose to be the most effective and reliable units available. Efficient and operational in the most extreme weather conditions. From tanks to frac pools to pipelines, rest assured Pat’s Offroad team has you covered when it comes to optimizing the various methods of heating. Pat’s Offroad has adopted several known methods for heating applications and has acquired over years of industry experience. This reliably ensures our customer’s water is at the right temperature in the most economical way.

Some of the services we provide are:
• Pipeline Frac Heating-capability to focus heat directly to downhole operations as opposed to heating large bodies of water to higher temperatures, wasting heat over longer periods of time.
• Frac Pool Heating-capability to heat large bodies of water to either prevent freezing or to prepare water for downhole operations.
• Tank Heating-capability to circulate heated water within a tank to the desired temperature or prevent freezing.
• Pit Heating-capability to heat larger bodies of water to the desired temperature and/or de-ice surface.

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